It’s a No Bra Kind of Day

Jan 1, 2022

Whose idea was it to put a pressure-loaded day like New Year’s right after the holidays? I mean really, give us a break!

It’s said that the holidays are the “most” wonderful time of the year……perhaps, 🤔 but I’ll argue it’s spring. One of my mentors, Glennon Doyle, pointed out that the holidays are really just the MOST of everything. The most decorating, the most shopping, the most spending, the most food, the most wine, the most rushing, the most traveling, the most to-do lists, the most family, the most cooking, the most triggers…………the most of almost everything.

Now, this leaves many of us running low on energy. But hey, if you’re ready to attack your goals for the coming year, then you go on with your badass self. Maybe you’ve written your New Year’s resolutions with a sparkly gel pen in your new leather-bound journal. Maybe you woke with the frosty sunrise, motivated to run three miles in the chilly winter air. Good for you, my friend. More power to ya. But if you’re thinking to invite me along……well, that’s a hard “no thank you” for me.

With all the “mosts” I tend to experience an emotional hangover of sorts this time of year. My mind is clouded from the toxic gluten, sugar, and wine tannins still running through my blood. Then there’s my squishy belly popping over the top of my jeans, an ever-so-subtle reminder that I’ve eaten like crap with the self-control of a pubescent teen. I choose not to disclose how much bacon fat I have consumed in the past ten days but let me tell you, it is shocking.

So, what I would like to know is which brain-child determined that this would be the best time of year for us to show up big and ready to tackle our biggest goals. I guarantee you it wasn’t a mother of small children. Oh hell no.

Never the less we are expected to make a stand today as to how we will show up for the next 365 days 🙄. Today, we shall determine our worthiness based on our ambition, clarity of mind, and the goals we set for our future.

Poor timing, if you’re asking this mama. And have I mentioned that it’s really fucking cold outside? I realize that it’s ridiculous for me to make that claim, being that I live in the hottest place in the country. I blame my thin blood after adapting to the desert because that winter wind still chills me to my bones.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not throwing in the towel. I’ll have you know; I started a cleanse today. I’m fully aware that the toxins I shoveled into my mouth over the past month, altered my energy, and it’s time I up my vitamin D and fish oils to get my mood back up.

With that said, there is a natural yin and yang of the seasons, and winter is for hibernating, stillness, recovery, and rest. Most creatures know just how to fall in sync with nature but not us. Nope, we just finished a marathon, and instead of resting, we begin training for yet another.

It’s a crock of shit, and I’m not buying it. I’m not buying this holiday or any other bogus holiday. However, I will tip my hat to national No-Bra Day, on October 13th. (Yes, it’s a real thing, and I suggest you pay your respects to it.)

I ask you not to take my outlook as negative. It just isn’t the way Mother Nature intended things to be. Who are we to assume things should be done differently?

Think about it. January is the dead of winter. It’s made for stillness. A time to reflect on what has passed, our accomplishments, struggles, joys, and pains. A time to give respect to those we have lost and the lessons learned.

Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna recover from the holidays. I’m gonna take it a little easy, be gentle on myself and others. I’m going to sit with some things and give myself time to simply be still and reflect. I’m moving this glorified day of productivity and inspiration to the first day of spring, where it ought to be, in the season of rebirth, awakening, and light, when the sun shines brightly, and the birds chirp cheerfully.

But today, it’s still winter outside, and I have just begun to rest. But you just wait; when spring comes, I will be refreshed and ready to move mountains. Until then, I’m taking this bra off and crawling back under this fuzzy blanket with my cup of hot tea and I fully support your decision to do the same.

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