Hi, I’m Shea.

I realize that everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone.
For that reason, it feels exceptionally narcissistic to ask you to read mine. It’s pure ego, really.

I mean, what makes a person think that their unique take, their version of events, their opinions are worth placing out into this big ole world- as though what they might write is so incredibly insightful or breathtakingly fresh?  I can’t answer that question for other writers that have paved the way before me. 

What I know is this: I can offer up some humor and a little inspiration. Hell, you just might learn from my successes, but you’re likely to learn just as much from my outlandish mistakes.  I suppose this is precisely what one would expect from the blog of a suburban mom.

Nonetheless, the one thing that might compel you to join me on this journey is my promise to strive for raw honesty.

Honesty that will make you love me or hate me. Honesty that will have you embarrassed to make eye contact with me when we pass each other in the bread aisle. Honesty that will leave you in tears and wake you up in the middle of the night to reflect on your own life and experiences.

I give you my word to bring my authentic self and in that I hope you find inspiration to seek and embrace your authentic self.

I’m Shea. I’m a wife who sometimes nails marriage and, at times, really jacks it all to Hell.

I’m Shea. I’m an inspiring mom who still has to apologize to her kids daily.

I’m Shea.  If you give me 60 minutes I can look like a pin-up, but without those 60 minutes I will likely prance through my day with a booger hanging out my nose and yesterday’s mascara under my eyes.

But truthfully, this is right where I hope to connect with you- not through the perfect filtered pics of a masterfully curated life.   I hope to connect with you where we all find commonality- in our messy, imperfect, humorous lives –  in our humanity.  That’s where we’ll meet each other.

Your friend,


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