Oct 4, 2020

I am sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot, when a woman knocks on my window.  I assume she is thanking me for the writing I have on my car, in support of funding our schools.

 She leans her arm on my side mirror and proceeds to use her other hand to point in my face.   ”Why would you put these lies on your car and encourage people to use their hard-earned money to vote for funding the schools? They’re overfunded and it’s poorly spent.”

 Now, I am a strong-willed woman, some would say feisty, but one thing I am not is foolish.  I have personal commitments to myself, and these include:

      1. I don’t argue with a drunk.

      2. I don’t argue with somebody who is too angry to think straight.

      3. I don’t argue with others who see things entirely differently than me.

She falls in both 2 and 3, so no thank you. I have learned when I shouldn’t engage.  I’m not going to jail for unleashing my superpowers on an old lady by slamming my car door into her face. I’m just too cute for jail.   I will most definitely be somebody’s bitch. 

My mama also taught me, ”Don’t wrestle in the mud with the pigs. All that happens is you get dirty, and the pigs like it.”

With a calm loving voice, I reply, ”Love, I value your opinion on the school budget vote, and you should use your voice to influence those that you can.  But by the writing on my car, it is apparent that I am not one of them.”

She removes her sunglasses and with a scowl, says, ” Don’t call me love.  You are exactly who I need to talk to.  You are encouraging others to waste their hard-earned money.  Look at this mess on your car.  You should be ashamed of yourself.”

She proceeds to rant on about all that is wrong with my generation and how ignorant we are.

I am feeling trapped and annoyed, so I say, “Pumpkin, please move away from my car.”  (I admit the pumpkin part was sarcastic. It just slipped out😏)

“Don’t you even dare call me pumpkin! There’s a forum at the senior citizens’ centers today, and we will be talking about this blatant misuse of our money.  We are the voters, and there is no chance this will pass. No chance!”

In a firm voice, I politely say, “Please move away from my door, or I will call the police.”

She balks at me, “Oh, give me a break. You are a complete cop-out”.  She then huffs at me as she walks into the store. 

I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, but  I felt compelled to give her one of my magnets, so I placed it on the passenger side of her car. 

Anger is foolishness but cleverness, now that is a skill I have. 😂

Here is where she made her biggest mistake. She said, “we are the voters, and this will never pass.”   She doesn’t believe my generation will take the time to mail in a ballot.  She doesn’t think we can influence change.  Oh my, now this is where she messed with the wrong woman.  Challenge accepted pumpkin.  Challenge accepted!!

God works in magnificent ways and gives us good, good examples and good, bad examples.  We can learn a lot from both of them.  We have an election coming up, and it is of the utmost importance that we keep our heads on straight and keep love in our hearts.

We are wasting our time and knowledge when we attempt to change the minds of those who have already made up their minds.  Let’s use our intelligence intelligently.  Let us never waste our precious energy, time, or resources to forcibly convince others to see life as we do.   Let us value ourselves enough to invest our energy into influencing those who are undecided, feel uninformed, or don’t think their voice and vote matters. That is the way to make a difference. That is the way to move the needle!

I am not asking that you tiptoe around those who see things differently. You aren’t living your truth if you tiptoe, and one day you may wake up and realize you’re living a lie. But be wise about your energy.  Feuds take a toll on our minds and bodies.  They cause cancer.  That’s the honest to God truth. 

Don’t know what to do?  Don’t think your voice matters?  Stay with me, friends.  We can do hard things when we do them together.


Update:   The school budget override passed!!!

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