Jul 8, 2020

People often ask me if Kaveh is freaking out about where we stand with COVID.  This text he sent me at 6 am this morning pretty much sums it up.  He is shocked that he has zero available beds, but at the same time, he wonders why I haven’t canceled the damn remote app I accidentally purchased. 

All I can say is that Kaveh just doesn’t freak.  There isn’t an anxious bone in his body.  There are grumpy bones and snappy bones and some stubborn bones but no anxious bones to be found.  It’s what makes him a great trauma surgeon. Can you imagine coming into the hospital from a car wreck and your surgeon looking freaked out? He is human, and he can be emotional at times, but he never freaks.  These men and women who work trauma and ICU are just cut from a different cloth.

Granted, these times bring situations he has never seen before and never anticipated seeing, but he is still not stressed.   He believes in a past life he was a medic in the civil war.  I’d like to venture; he was also an accountant.  That man keeps a tight watch on his $4.  😂

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