Searching for Answers Outside Ourselves

May 13, 2021

Why, as women, do we seek answers outside of ourselves? 

Why do we insist on calling each of our girlfriends in anticipation of them agreeing with us?  When really, the most trustworthy friend won’t agree with us.  Instead, she will be still, simply letting us make noise. Other times she will gently ask us questions, probing us to dig deeper.  We hate this, so we hang up and move on to the next friend until our ego is fed and we feel satisfied we were right all along. 

But were we right?  

Well, that depends. It depends if we are in a place of need, ego, pride, or fear.  It depends if we are too hungry, angry, lonely, or too tired. Then it’s likely we aren’t right, and we have just wasted a lot of time and energy. 

The ironic thing is that we always have the answer.  Not sometimes, but always. 

We are connected to an Infinite Being, a Power far beyond ourselves.  It goes by many names. The Tao De Ching calls this the Source of All Things, and it pulses through every one of us, giving us life.

If we but take the time to be still, vulnerable, and willing to surrender to any answer, then the truth will come to us as sure as the sun will rise.  

All the noise, confusion, and drama we create are utterly unnecessary.  In the stillness, we always know the answer. 



 If one does not trust himself

how can he trust anyone else?

   -Lao Tzu

   Tao De Ching

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